Always fresh,
always natural and
always delicious.


In the summer of 2004 following our passion in making home made ice cream Michoacan style, we decided to began a dream come true.  That is how Paleterias Tropicana began from concept to reality, since the beginning we decided to use 100% natural products, It was then that we decided to open our first paleteria in the city of Kansas City, MO a pleasant and warm place where people could taste a flavorful yet healthy and well made home ice cream michoacan style. We began by creating certain mix flavors where we included a clean environment and unique flavor to our product, which separates us from from other places and other taste.

We did not stop there, since we began making home made ice cream, we also began by offering  fruit cocktails, fruit salads, fresh fruit juices and flavored water, Smoothies and other products with the highest quality.  This is how we began our first paleteria and the hand made process to make ice cream Michoacan style, always taking care of our customers, always with a smile knowing that the first time they try our product they are in for something totally unique and flavorful.  Because of our great success we have decided not only to open more paleterias throughout the metropolitan area of Greater Kansas City, but also the suburbs.